Price, N. & Raffield, B. In Prep. The Vikings. Currently in preparation, under contract with Routledge.

Journal Articles

Raffield, B. In Prep. ‘A Reconsideration of the Danelaw, the Five Boroughs, and the Scandinavian occupation of England’.

Raffield, B., Price, N. & Collard, M. Under Revison. ‘Religion and cooperation: a view from Viking-Age Scandinavia’.

Raffield, B. Under Review. ‘Playing Vikings: hegemonic masculinities and childhood enculturation in Viking-Age Scandinavia’.

Raffield, B., Price, N. & Collard, M. In Press. ‘Polygyny, concubinage and the social life of women in Viking-Age Scandinavia’ – paper awaiting publication in Viking and Medieval Scandinavia.

Raffield, B., Price, N. & Collard, M. 2017. ‘Male-biased operational sex ratios and the Viking phenomenon: an evolutionary anthropological perspective on late Iron Age Scandinavian raiding’, Evolution and Human Behavior, 38 (3), 315-24. This article can be downloaded here.

Raffield, B. 2016. ‘Bands of brothers: a re-appraisal of the Viking Great Army and its implications for the Scandinavian colonization of England’, Early Medieval Europe, 24 (3), 308-37. DOI: 10.1111/emed.12154. Please email me for a copy of this article.

Raffield, B., Greenlow, C., Price, N. & Collard, M. 2016. ‘Ingroup identification, identity fusion, and the formation of Viking warbands’, World Archaeology, 48 (1), 35-50. DOI: 10.1080/00438243.2015.1100548. Please email me for a copy of this article.

Raffield, B. 2014. ‘“A River of Knives and Swords”: Ritually Deposited Weapons in English Watercourses and Wetlands During the Viking Age’, European Journal of Archaeology, 17 (4), 634-55. DOI: Please email me for a copy of this article.

Raffield, B. 2013. ‘Antiquarians, Archaeologists and Viking Fortifications’, Journal of the North Atlantic, 20, 1-29. This article can be downloaded here.

Raffield, B. 2009. ‘“Plundering the Territories in the Manner of the Heathens”: Identifying Viking Age Battlefields in Britain’, Rosetta, 7, 22-43. This article can be downloaded here.

Raffield, B. 2008. ‘A Historic Battlefield?’ in Edgeworth M. ‘The Tempsford Project: an interim report’, South Midlands Archaeology 38, 8-16.


Lindsay, G., Knecht, R., Price, N., Raffield, B. & Ashlock, P. T. 2015. Peleliu Archaeological Survey 2014. WWII Battlefield Survey of Peleliu Island, Peleliu State, Republic of Palau. This report can be downloaded here.

Book Reviews

Raffield, B. 2015. ‘McLeod, S. ‘The Beginning of Scandinavian Settlement in England: The Viking ‘Great Army’ and Early Settlers, c. 865-900. Studies in the Early Middle Ages, Volume 29. Turnhout: Brepols, 2014. Pp. 325. €80 (hardback)’, The Journal of British Studies, 54 (4), 1024-5.

Raffield, B. & Kupiec, P. 2015. ‘Review of The Head Motif in Past Societies, edited by Leszek Gardeła and Kamil Kajkowski. Pp. 303, Illus 48. Muzeum Zachodniokaszubskie w Bytowie (International Interdisciplinary Meetings ‘Motifs Through the Ages’ Vol.1), 2013. Price: zł31.00. ISBN 978 83 932818 3 1’, The Archaeological Journal, 172 (1).

Raffield, B. 2015. ‘Review of Philip Line 2014 The Vikings and their Enemies, Barnsley, Pen & Sword’, Scandinavian Journal of History, 40 (1), 129-32.

Raffield, B. 2014. ‘Review of Gareth Williams 2014 The Viking Ship, London, British Museum Press’, Medieval Archaeology, 58, 433.

Raffield, B. 2014. ‘Review of Louise Loe, Angela Boyle, Helen Webb & David Score 2014 ‘Given to the Ground’: A Viking Age Mass Grave on Ridgeway Hill, Weymouth, Oxford: Oxford Archaeology & Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society’, Medieval Archaeology, 58, 403-4.

Raffield, B. 2013. ‘Review of John Baker and Stuart Brookes, Beyond the Burghal Hidage. Anglo-Saxon Civil Defence in the Viking Age, Leiden, Brill 2013’, Rosetta, 14, 93-97.

Newsletter Articles

Raffield, B. 2012. ‘Landscapes of Conflict: The Scandinavian Occupation of England’, Research report in the Newsletter of the Society for Medieval Archaeology, 47 (Spring 2012), 9.


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